habla del-silencio-pret-a-porter

Habla del silencio

The great Beethoven said "Never break the silence if it’s not to improve it". And it is that refining is certainly a character trait, never a removable outfit. It is something that goes beyond the concept of quality and reaches to the most insignificant details: is the taste for beauty, singularity and sophistication. 

Result of this, in Bodegas Habla we wanted to again, go a little further elaborating a delicious, outstanding wine in all its details and impeccable doneness that allows the most demanding palates to enjoy a small luxury every day. Finally, the high expression wine lover can be in luck: Habla del Silencio has got the best of the acclaimed Hablas, exclusive wines of Haute Couture here representing its prêt-à-porter collection.

Habla Nº14

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